Valuing Ageing

There is a lot of bad press about ageing.

Everywhere we look, we are told to purchase ‘anti-ageing’ products. Many newspapers feature stories about the problems of ageing, and of an ageing society. Trying to buy a birthday card for someone over 50 that doesn’t include anti-ageing jokes can be a real challenge.

We want to encourage everyone who is ageing – that is, everyone over the age of 30 – to feel valued as they age. This can start by reminding ourselves that ageing is normal. It can continue by challenging ourselves and others not to put up with negative jokes or stereotypes about what it means to age. Lewis Richmond talks about the ‘lightning bolt’ moment when you realise that YOU are ageing. This can happen at all sorts of times, and all sorts of ages. It’s not really about the numbers.

Here’s a snippet from our See me. Know me. video – it’s just one minute.

Ageing does have lots of implications for our lives – and opportunities, including the way we deal with the challenges. Let’s not pretend it’s business as usual. There is a growing movement to accept and even embrace ageing – we encourage you look around for the approach that best works for you.  You are welcome to sign up to our Facebook page where we post information related to the inner terrain of ageing, or the See Me Know Me quarterly newsletter.  In the mean time, you might like to use our Conversation-starters and Thought-starters to begin to explore and express some who you are, whatever your life stage. Many people tell us that our See Me Know Me campaign is encouraging them to feel more valued. Perhaps have a look over the posters and think about people you know, and what matters to them.


A live exploration of ageing

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Community Survey

We commissioned a Community Survey and over 1000 people participated. Watch this space for the results.